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BWO Research Pvt. Ltd International

Our Mission is to “Empowering Humanity with Knowledge Through Research”

“BWO Research Private Limited”

is a registered Company situated in Islamabad Capital Territory of Pakistan under the Companies Act 2017 (XIX of 2017) holding Corporate Unique Identification No. 0198937 working on the principal line of activities is to carry on the research and development for issuing research journals, rendering consultancy services, research and development projects to government, donors, international institutions, individuals, firms, companies, bodies, trusts, non-government organizations, associations; and to provide Consultancy services in the area of strategic planning, project management, institutional development, capacity building, and other ancillary services.


BWO Research envisions a world in which every individual irrespective of gender, caste, color, religion, race, ethnicity, or culture enjoys independent, free, open, original, and pure knowledge along with fundamental freedoms to acquire, disseminate, and cultivate knowledge enshrined in the Universal Declarations and natural standards to reform the world for sustainable, peaceful, and collective development.


Our mission is to promote and protect knowledge so we advocate, research, and undertake action at all possible levels; national, international, government, and grassroots. We are focusing our efforts to promote a research and development culture by empowering the people through Education, as knowledge is power. We build partnerships to develop a knowledge base environment for achieving physical and mental integrity, freedom of religion, beliefs, expression, and discrimination for the whole of humanity.

50+ international professors, indigenous think tanks, and learned dignitaries are at the panel of BWO Research

BWO Research is administrated by the highly professional leaders of academia, IT experts, and social reformers

BWO has expertise in project proposal development, report writing, budgeting, project management and reviewing.

BWO Research benefit from advisory services by Ph.D. and Postdoctoral degree holders across various fields.

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Reliable partner for research journals and capacity building.

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BWO Research has an expert team in the planning and management of conference organization, and exceptional expertise in Tours.

The company has quality sustainers for their research journals and publication services.

It is an outstanding team, dedicated to delivering top-notch research and Agriculture research solutions.